144 Troop Diary Week 7

144 Troop Diary Week 7

Exercise Marshall Star was the main event for week 7 of 144 Troop, but before we could all get stuck into it, we had a double IMF phys session to get us on the ball for the week ahead; this certainly woke us up and got us in the right mindset. After this we had some last minute time to sort out our field kit and before long we were loading up the 4 tonners with all of the training team’s kit and our bergens. Just as quickly as we closed our eyes on the coach, we had arrived at woodbury common where the exercise took place. We unpacked and set up our harbour, which was getting smoother everytime we practised it. The day ended with some much appreciated scran and some more lectures on map reading and range cards.

Kit musters took place at 0700 the next morning (and every morning in the field) which for once no one failed! But a good phys session followed anyway, but was good as always, considered as ‘phys in the bag’. This exercise was based around navigation so the next few days involved an introduction into yomping and some tactical drills which really made the group feel like we’re getting somewhere. We then did a navex in our sections which went well, with no lost or injured nods and everyone back by the allotted time. More lectures, phys and practical map reading sessions took place over the next few days with some newly learnt drills through the night practising what to do in the event of an attack, which meant packing up as quickly as possible and the whole troop moving harbour. We finished the next day with a quality close quarter battle (CQB) scenario which involved different sections acting as enemy with ambushes and attacks from both sides.

After the final kit muster of the exercise and the inevitable flanking of some lads, we disassembled the harbour and set off on the 7K march back to camp, which involved quick marching. Everyone got back ok and now was the task of de-servicing all of our kit. Over all, Marshall Star was exciting because we are starting to learn basic soldiering and are all starting to really bond well together as a troop and spirits are high.

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