141 Troop Diary Week 16

141 Troop Diary Week 16

After a long weekend home we had come back to week 16 which started on Monday with a few signals lectures in the morning, a bottom field session and more lectures in the afternoon to do with Observation Posts. We then prepped Monday evening for the field the next day. On the Tuesday we again had more lectures, one from the Troop Commander giving a scenario to the exercises for the rest of training. That afternoon 141 Troop were deployed on exercise First Step which the weather wasn’t at its best. That night we had set up the harbour and had briefings for the Reconnaissance Patrol that night. Different sections had set off at different times, mine at midnight and we yomped around Woodbury until we had carried out our mission of the Reconnaissance on the enemy. When complete we yomped back to the harbour in early hours of the morning and started the sentries to protect us from the enemy. The second day of the exercise started with some rest and some dry weather for a few hours. Each section went off with their Corporals and was taught some patrolling skills and putting into practise the withdrawing from combat from earlier in the training. Later that day we reinserted into the harbour position and received more orders for a Standing patrol taking place in the afternoon. Again the sections set off at separate times and began yomping on Woodbury Common to the positions to carry out an ambush on the enemy mentioned in orders. Again when completed we made our way back to the harbour position, but before getting back, we set up another ambush, just in case we had been followed by the enemy. After a few hours of rest we were bumped and had to Stand too. We yomped out of our harbour position until it was safe to return. The third day in the field started very wet but we had to do lectures on the Observation Posts and how they were set up. After that we then received orders for the OP’s each section was going to carry out that night. The weather still remained pretty bad but everyone enjoyed setting up their OP’s in the sections. All the sections were out all night, taking turns doing sentries and observing for enemies until 5 o’clock on the Friday morning. After taking down the team tents and putting the stores andBergen’s on the 4 tonner the troop prepped their webbing for the 5 mile speed march back to camp. As a whole the troop hadn’t performed to their best on the speed march so the PTI had a surprise waiting for us on our next phys session. To finish the exercise each section then performed some sections drills to show our Troop Commander and Troop Sergeant what we had learned from the week. We were all then finished for the weekend and let to do what we want with our time until Sunday night.

Recruit Goodall 141 Troop


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