141 Troop Diary Week 15

141 Troop Diary Week 15          

Moral was high from the start of the week because we had completed and passed exercise Baptist Run. 2 out of the 39 lads failed the exercise and joined Hunter Company to revise some of the skills that were needed to pass the test exercise. The rest of us lads however had to endure a week of Powerpoint also known as death by Powerpoint, which sounds worse than it was, it consists of lectures on phase 2, such as tactics during exercise, more stuff to do with signals, patrols, setting up different styles of harbours, recce patrols and OP’s. We also practiced some of our CBRN drills in the stances and then carried them out in the chamber to ensure we could use the skills we had been practicing.

On Thursday we had Drill for 4 hours in the morning, so we were up most of the night preparing our kit for the inspection because on Friday it was the First Drills inspection so we knew that this Thursday had to be spot on in order to get a good heads up on where the pick up points were going to be! Most of us got told the things we could have done better and the things we needed to work on where as some lads just got told to keep it up. Friday came and to be honest I think most of the lads just wanted to get the whole thing out the way because this weekend was our long weekend off, so we could get home and see the family and our mates back home. We marched down to the drill shed and started the inspection, The first drill came out and everyone knew what was coming. Right from the off he was shouting at the top of his voice and it carried on throughout, however he seemed overall impressed by our effort and passed us. We then had the presentation of our green belts from the troop commander and our troop sergeant, which was a good moment however it caused us to get wet by swimming a width of the tank. Going back up to the grots we knew we would be getting thinned out as soon as wed had a shower so everyone was in and out the fastest they’ve ever been, then we heard the ever important on the landing. Ready for the journey home already as soon as he said the words ‘your free to go’ I was on that phone to the taxi to get me down to the station. 

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