140 Troop Diary Week 9

140 Troop Diary Week 9

Week 9 started off with interval drill pass out first thing Monday morning, which everyone was looking forward to. Despite everyone being nervous we all passed, which meant we could all progress onto arms drill. For arms drill we started to wear our Lovat trousers, white belts and bayonets which made us all feel a lot smarter on the parade square. We used the rifles for the first time, learning techniques for using them on the drill square to start preparation for King’s Squad pass out in week 32.

As we progressed through the week we had many more tests to come such as Corps History, First Aid – theory and practical and also map reading. These were our first main tests and to the troop’s relief everyone passed, but not without a lot of revision.

Towards the end of the week we did gym pass out, this was the biggest physical test we have done so far, it included 7 rope climbs, which the troop succeeded at, despite 5 weeks ago struggling to do only 3 climbs. It also included various other exercises such as circuit training, i.e beam and sprints. The whole session lasted about an hour, it was a tough session but the troop felt a big sense of achievement coming away with a high superior pass.

The troop is now looking forward to a well deserved couple of beers, before the next big exercise Hunter’s Moon!!

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