140 Troop Diary Week 8

140 Troop Diary Week 8

This week has been a physically demanding one on camp, but all the troop are happy to beback sleeping in their grots each night rather than the cold earth of Woodbury Common.

Some of the highlights from week 8 have been Close Quarter Combat, a day spent with the Mountain Leaders and map reading on Woodbury Common.

We had to date our hardest CQC session. This included 3 minute rounds of sparring with our oppos who held punch bags followed by a camp circuit (800m sprint), 6 times and needless to say anyone who has done sparring will know we were ‘hanging out.’

The troop are now growing in confidence with their map reading, all due to the extra effort on behalf of the training team. We were bussed out to Woodbury Common where we spent the day taking back bearings to work out our position on a map, taking distances to certain landmarks and other general grid work. This was followed by a 4 mile yomp back to camp with daysack and rifle, weighing roughly 48lbs. We all followed our Troop Sergeant and one of the Corporals along an interesting route back to camp. A few of the troop struggled with blisters, but the majority of us seem to be developing a tough layer of skin on our feet.

Finally we spent the day with the Mountain Leaders who are experts in survival. They instructed us in how to make traps to catch animals for food, how to construct shelters, how to navigate by natural phenomenon such as stars, sun, moon and more importantly how to think in a survival situation. This was all in anticipation of our final exercise before Easter holidays, ‘Hunters Moon.’

Aside from these highlights we have been doing extra ropes in IMF in the evenings to get us up to scratch for Gym Pass Out at the end of week 9.

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