140 Troop Diary Week 7

140 Troop Diary Week 7

Exercise MARSHALL STAR was finally upon us but not before a quick IMF session in the gym just to get us in the mood. So before heading off into the field we had our usual 45 minute gym session, which by now, most of the troop has finally learnt all the correct techniques and movements around the gym. So after smashing a few rope climbs, sprints and lots of pull ups on the beam it was time to load the wagons up with our bergens and head to Woodbury Common for 3 and a half days.

Ex MARSHALL STAR is a field exercise which covers basic field craft and soldiering skills. It was also a chance for the troop to put all of the classroom map reading lessons into practise on the ground which paid off vividly as those who were struggling in the classroom were now coming to terms with how to map read on their own. During our time in the field we had a number of lessons and demonstrations from ‘how to navigate at night’ to ‘obstacle crossings’. After being taught how to navigate at night it was time for a solo night nav ex which was exciting and daunting for some of the troop. Of course we also had phys which our troop PTI came to visit us for a nice gentle log race through the common which was good just to see the looks on the locals’ faces as they walked their dogs first thing in the morning.

Overall Ex MARSHALL STAR was a huge success as we are now getting into the stages of training which make us into Royal Marine Commandoes. After yomping back from Woodbury Common we had around an hour to sort ourselves out and our kit before we were back in the gym for a 3 hour CQC lesson which most of us were not looking forward to, but as soon as we got in the gym you wouldn’t have guessed that the troop had hardly slept over the last few days. We performed well and the instructors were pleased with our performance.

Week 7 as a whole was a week were all the troop had learnt and put into practise the basic skills that the training team and the Corps require from us.



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